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The New England Rake Company is family owned and operated. We seek to produce the highest quality hand tools for our customers. Our rakes reflect durability and effectiveness of design to enhance your workmanship. These lightweight rakes will last longer when used, stored and maintained properly.
Whether you are raking out a newly installed lawn, preparing an infield, leveling a playing surface or spreading aggregate, our aluminum rakes can help you achieve excellent results. Ask about our Double Brace Kit for Wide Rakes and our optional 84” Long Handle. Also not shown here are Pro-Screed Models from 24”-48” Wide.

The New England Rake Company engineers and fabricates all product lines in our manufacturing facility located in West Haven, Connecticut.


Durable & Dependable Hand Tools
New England Classic
New England Classic
    The New England Classic is a straight tooth aluminum rake.
    • Tapered tines enhance maneuverability
    • Lightweight design
    • Gold powder coated handle
    • Available sizes: 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"
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    New England Sifter
    New England Sifter
      The New England Sifter is a uniquely designed grading rake.
      • Enhanced 'S' patterned tooth technology
      • Anti-corrosive parts
      • Gold powder coated handle
      • Available sizes: 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"
      • Excellent for infield grading
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      New England Asphalt
      New England Asphalt Rake
        The New England Asphalt Rake dual-head design provides stamped teeth and a smooth lute blade on this aluminum tool.
        • Lightweight design
        • Perfect for Scarifying and levelling
        • Useful for light asphalt paving applications
        • Available sizes: 30", 36", 42", (24" & 48" limited)
        • Excellent for Bocci and Clay Tennis Courts
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        New England Concrete Lute
        New England Concrete Lute
          The New England Concrete Lute head offers a two-sided blade for a variety of applications such as concrete, asphalt, etc.
          • Anti-corrosive parts
          • Smooth edge for versatile use
          • Gold powder coated handle
          • Available sizes: 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"
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          Packaging Contents
             Item 1 | Handle Grip (1)
             Item 2 | 1 3/4" Screw & Nut (2)
             Item 3 | Brace (2)
             Item 4 | 3/4" Screw & Nut (2)
             Item 5/6 | Rake or Lute Head (1) not numbered
             Item 7 | Machine Bolt 1/4"-20 x 1 1/2"
             Item 8 | Center Plug (1)
             Item 9 | Handle

            Please note: Head width may vary slightly from stated size due to tooth spacing
            Rake Heads
            Assembly Instructions
               Tools Required: 7/16" & 3/8" Wrench or Deep Socket, No. 2 Phillips Screwdriver
              1. Remove Braces (Item 3) and place into position as shown in the diagram above.
              2. Insert handle fasteners (Item 2) through the flat surfaces of the braces into the handle assembly (Item 9). Secure with lock nut and hand tighten.
              3. Next, place center bolt (Item 7) through rake head or lute blade (Item 5 or 6) into the center plug.
              4. Insert center plug (Item 8) into rake handle and assemble rake head to center plug.
              5. Insert secondary rake screw (Item 4) through rake head or lute blade and hand tighten.
              6. Tighten all nuts with applicable wrench size. Apply pressure to handle and rake head to help prevent center plug from spinning while thread locker penetrates threads.
              7. Place end cap (Item 1) on the end of the handle
              **Caution - place rake in secure position with rake teeth pressed against a flat surface to prevent the rake from moving unexpectedly. Store rakes properly, with tines face down, in order to prevent tripping or possible injury.


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